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Polyether F-6

Technical index

Appearance:light yellow transparent liquid

Color: ≤80 (Pt-Co)

Hydroxyl value: 45±8 mg KOH / g

Acid value: ≤0.5mg KOH / g

Amount of double bonds: ≥0.5mmol / g

Moisture: ≤1.0 % (wt %)

Performance and application

1. This product is soluble in water and some organic solvents;

2. The product works with containing hydrogen silicone oil to produce multifunctional textile finishing agent;

3. This product functions as main raw material for producing PU silicone oil, water soluble silicone oil, organosilicone foam stabilizer and other products.

4. As emulsifier in other industries.

Packing, storage and transportation

    200Kg iron drum, 50Kg plastic drum. To store and transport as general chemicals. Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Shelf life is two years.